A persimmon and the natural order of things

I have just finished eating a persimmon. A persimmon cultivated in some greenhouse. It was a premature persimmon. Astringent and sour. One whose natural course had been shortened.

As long as men mess with nature, the natural order of things is altered. So far, nothing new. But maybe I am talking about something that not everybody has felt in their bones like I have? When life shows us that the natural order of things is suddenly changed, we learn about the inexorability of fate. There is no fighting it. But when something was so abruptly and unfairly taken away from you that makes you question the right order of things, you feel that something in your destiny, something sacred maybe, was altered forever.

P.S. Needless to say, the taste of the persimmon I ate does not even resemble that of a persimmon that ripened naturally. In its natural due course.


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