Running in the Rain

Over the past 8 years I have collected some peculiar stories and adventures that happened during my runs, but what happened today was new. It was one of those days that I really felt like running and relaxing a little so my husband and I went running in the park. Running always works wonders on me. We started jogging and after a while I waved to my husband signaling that I was ready to fasten my pace. He looked at me and pointed to the sky saying: “keep an eye on the clouds!” I looked at the flimsy clouds, shrugged my shoulders and said ahem, activating my legs on fast mode. Here I go, light-hearted and light-footed, listening to my crazy playlist where anything from classical music to seventies rock goes. Half an hour later I felt the first drops and I think to myself, nah. It didn’t take long and the small drops became big ones and from then on the rain started to fall heavily. In the middle of the way I come to the usual fork in the trail which defines whether that would be a short (5 k) or a long (9k) lap. Despite the rain, I didn’t hesitate: I went for the long one. The rain was a bit heavier but it felt fresh and pleasant. I normally avoid rain at all costs (though I have run in the snow) but I was already fired up by my endorphins and the eclectic playlist. Besides, this was a good opportunity to add another “first” to my list.  I always tend to choose the long way, this has become a sort of a game I play with myself. For instance: in the middle of the run if I feel a bit off color or tired I challenge myself: “right, I bet this time you will not choose the long way, will you? You might be late for the meeting.” But who says I choose the short run? Not a question. The short run to me means, I believe, to capitulate and capitulating is not an option. And that’s precisely what my husband guessed when he decided to go after me in the long lap.  But at this stage I was miles ahead and we failed to meet each other. When I got back to the fork, he wasn’t there. Soaked to the skin, I went back, ran even faster now reconsidering my choice. Thankfully, after a few minutes I see my husband. He was as much sodden as he was worried. The rain now had turned into a storm with thunder and lightening. When we get to the car we look at each other and crack up laughing at our misadventure in the rain. After all, it hadn’t been a bad one and we managed to get a good workout. No, I am not going to become one of those people that love to run in the rain. It is not safe. But when you are exposed to the rain, all you can expect is to get wet. And wet we were. To the bone.


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