Little Polish girl

I had golden blonde hair when I was a child and early enough I learned that being blonde in my family was a big deal. My grandmother and aunts affectionately called me “Polaquinha” (little Polish girl), a funny nickname since I don’t have a single drop of Polish in me. But I did love my blondness and being an honorary Polish girl made me stand out. My blondness suited me fine because it also offered some sort of compensation for being a twiggy. My Mom wanted my blond hair to last forever so when it began to darken, she submitted me to ridiculous treatments which included infusing my hair for hours in the sun with onion or chamomile tea. I remember being bored out of my wits sitting in the sun for hours in order to preserve those valuable sun kissed streaks. I learned at a very early stage in my life that girls should look good to please others, no matter the sacrifice.

In a family of brown haired people, being blonde was gold.


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