To let it all out

His myopia might be a permanent condition
I fear he will not be able to regain his sight

His scars run ever so deep
His needs, secretive
he hides all the layers
in a dark side that is slowly consuming me

-I am losing the faith-

I gasp for breath
The need to reaffirm myself
and find the strength,
the conviction
– and –
the courage

To rise above it all
To go beyond the colossal
fear of that monster
called loneliness

– To let go –

To stand up
to find myself
and recover that faith
in life

To take that walk
and recover the muscles
of my legs so
I can walk
proud and straight
and not look back
to that impostor
called past

I must focus on each step my legs can reach
slowly so that I can
regain the pleasure in acknowledging
how extraordinarily miraculous each step is

I need to
breathe in ever so slowly
to welcome the cold new air entering my nostrils
and breathe out the old warm air out slowly
then breathe out again
and then breathe out once more

To let it all out.


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